Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

B.Sc Nursing College in Mangalore


Centre for Science Education and Research provides an opportunity to bright, young talents to carry out research work on contemporary and relevant topics. Under the facullty of Biological Sciences, the young researchers get an opportunity to carry out a full time research with fellowship support from the University. Opportunities are also available to join research projects and to enrol for the PhD program as Junior Research Fellows.

The centre focuses on multidisciplinary areas in Biological Sciences such as Infectious Biology, Cancer Biology, Genetics, Toxicology, Food Biotechnology and Bioresource & Biotechnology. With internationally renonwed faculty, excellent infra-structure and state of art research facilities, it is centre of excellence at par with reputed institutes in the country willing to help young and enthusiastic researchers pursue their dreams of attaining excellence in research.

Faculty of Biological Sciences and For more about the PhD program at NitteDU

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