External Funded Projects

External Funded Projects

External Funded Projects : Ongoing

Extramural research projects- Ongoing

Title of the project Principle investigator Funding agency Duration Budget (INR in lakhs)
Preparation of fish protein hydrolysate having bioactive properties and its use in food formulations Dr. Mamatha B. S. DST-SERB 2016-2019 23.31
Multiple climate impacts as bottlenecks to the microbiome of the aquatic environment (Indo-Sweden-UK) Prof. Indrani Karunasagar FORMAS 2017-2020 40.0
Testing the potential of microalgae-bacteria consortium to manage pathogens in cultured shrimps (Indo-Sri Lanka) Prof. Indrani Karunasagar Swedish Research Council, Sweden 2017-2020 89.0
Lessons for the future: Qualifying and quantifying South Asia's first widespread ciguatera poisoning outbreak Dr. Indrani Karunasagar NERC, UK Natural Environment Research Council 2017-2019 55.00
RNases and cancer: decoding the role of poly(A)-specific ribonucleus (PARN) in tumorigenesis Prof. Anirban Chakraborty DST-SERB 2017-2020 33.23
Deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved in hematopoietic perturbation induced by environmental chemical(s) using Drosophila as an animal model Dr. Anurag Sharma DST-SERB 2017-2020 44.29
Defence genes of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) with respect to bacteria (Vibrio harveyi) and white spot virus (WSSV) infection Prof. Indrani Karunasagar DST-BELSPO 2017-2020 12.49
Investigating the mechanisms of genetic disorders using the Zebrafish model system (GEN-ZEMO) Prof. Anirban Chakraborty DST-BELSPO 2018-2021 10.69
Decoding the traits of drug resistance: Studying the genetic factors contributing to the survivability and adaptability of gut pathogens in antibiotic rich environment Dr. Deekshit DST-SERB 2018-2021 34.34
Exploring the distribution and characterization of pathogenicity islands and ecological fitness genes in seafood associated V. parahaemolyticus Dr. Krishna Kumar B. DST-SERB 2018-2021 26.66
Roadmap to achieve seafood export (Consultancy) Dr. Iddya Karunasagar Govt. of Odisha 2018-2019 83.00
Biotechnological approaches for prevention and control of fish disease in aquaculture (BIOAQUA) Dr. Biswajit Maiti DST (India-Norway collaborative project) 2019-2022 45.32
A novel rapid sensitive fluorescent resonance energy transfer technique for selective detection and quantification of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus Dr. Sudarshan Kini DST-SERB 2019-2022 36.14
Nano formulation of leutin to improve bioavailabilty in prevention of Age related macular degeneration Dr. Mamatha B.S ICMR 2019-2022 24.28
DST-Technology Enabling Centre (TEC) Dr. Smitha Hegde DST 2019  

Extramural research projects- Completed

Title of the project Principle investigator Funding agency Duration Budget (INR in lakhs)
Prevalence and impact of antibiotic resistant bacteria of non-human origin (associated with aquaculture and livestock practices) on human health management Prof. Indrani Karunasagar ICMR 2014-2015 11.63
Human health and well-being at risk: impact scenarios for climate change induced harmful microbial blooms along the Indian West Coast Prof. Indrani Karunasagar Swedish Research Council, Sweden 2014-2017 24.47
Attenuation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence by dietary phytochemicals from vegetables as quorum sensing inhibitors Dr. Ramya Harsha DBT 2014-2017 18.40
International meeting on non-mammalian models in Biomedical research: Current status and future perspectives Prof. Anirban Chakraborty DST-IJCSP Indo-Japan 2017 5.30
Pathogens, public health, and food safety: Development of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assays for rapid and sensitive detection of major foodborne pathogens in India. Dr. Gunimala Chakraborty DST 2015-2018 32.78
Biocontrol of pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus in shrimp culture systems using bacteriophages

Dr. Praveen Rai  
DST-SERB 2015-2018 22.40
Helix trial for neonatal septicaemia Prof. Indrani Karunasagar Imperial College, London – Nitte DU 2017-2018 2.50
Development of novel methods for the sensitive detection and enumeration of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Dr. Biswajit Maiti DBT 2016-2019 29.87