Division of Nanobiotechnology

Division of Nanobiotechnology is a multidisciplinary research group with a particular focus on the development of novel functional nanomaterials for biomedical applications. With global interest in understanding the biological response of cells in biomaterial research, our group focuses on applying novel functional materials such as 3D scaffolds to develop biomimicking cancer models and glyco-nanoparticles to understand bacterial/viral infections, and nano-carriers for drug delivery applications. The research is also focusing on developing biosensing platforms for ultrasensitive and cost-effective detection of analytes by optical (colorimetric and fluorescence methods), electrochemical, dipstick, and paper-based platforms. The group has expertise in synthesis, functionalization and characterization of nanoparticles (Quantum dots, gold/silver, graphene, TiO2, polymeric, liposome based). This division also houses a state of art facility required for the basic and advanced research, which includes spectroscopy (spectrofluorometer, multimode readers), microscopy, solvo-thermal setup, electrochemical analyser and other basic nanoparticle synthesis apparatus. The faculty projects are financially supported by in-house, national and international agencies. The division is actively looking for researchers from diverse backgrounds (chemistry, physics and biomedical science) to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of nanobiotechnology.