External Funded Projects

Internal Funded Faculty Projects: Ongoing

Title of the Project Principle Investigator Funding Agency Duration Budget (INR in lakhs)
Establishment of DNA fiber assay technique to study the roles of NSMCE2 in promoting growth and survival of triple-negative breast cancer cells Dr. Vivek Tripathi Nitte DU 2023-25 1.80
Investigating the bioactivity of marine macroalgae extract Dr. Akhila Nitte DU 2023-25 1.25
Effects of immuno-modulatory chemical stress on immune system development in Drosophila melanogaster Dr. Anurag Sharma Nitte DU 2023-25 1.20
Characterization of bacteriocin produced by probiotic bacteria for application against bacterial fish pathogens Dr. Biswajit Maiti Nitte DU 2023-25 1.50
Development of bacteria mediated anticancer agent (BacTcaN) using nontyphoidal Salmonella” Dr. Deekshit Nitte DU 2023-25 1.750
Development of millet milk based probiotic product Dr. Feby Luckose Nitte DU 2023-25 1.30
Phage-protein conjugated quantum dots for the detection of Salmonella and Escherichia coli in food” Dr. Juliet Roshini Mohan Raj Nitte DU 2023-25 1.25
Development and validation of isothermal nucleic acid amplification platform for detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) 16 & 18: Efforts to improve clinical decision-making Dr. Praveen Rai Nitte DU 2023-25 1.75
Exploring the association of microorganisms with microplastics in aquatic environment Dr. Rajeshwari Vittal Nitte DU 2023-25 1.00
Perilous marine hitchhikers: Assessing the potential of marine plastics in the transport of human pathogenic bacteria in the coastal environment of Karnataka Dr. Ramya Harsha Nitte DU 2023-25 1.75
Investigating the effect of beta-tubulin overexpression in breast tumoroids Dr. Sudarshan Kini Nitte DU 2023-25 1.50

Internal Funded Faculty Projects: Completed

Title of the Project Principle Investigator Funding Agency Duration Budget (INR in lakhs)
Understanding the role of membrane proteins in the multidrug-resistant clinical strain of Salmonella Dr. Biswajit Maiti Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.75
Generation of transgenic zebrafish models for elucidating the molecular mechanisms of Mycobacterium infection Dr. Gunimala Chakraborty Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.60
An approach to determine in vitro bio-accessibility of lutein Dr. Mamatha B S Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.75
Novel RNAi theraoeutic approach to combat multidrug resistance in Klebsiella species Dr. Akhila D.S Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.80
Molecular characterization of Plasmodium species of malaria patients from tertiary hospitals and rural health care centres in and around Mangaluru Dr. Rama Adiga Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.70
Biocontrol of biofilm forming bacteria isolated from diabetic ulcers using phage Dr. Juliet Mohan Raj Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.70
Antiviral properties of four medicinal plant extracts against dengue virus Dr. Praveen Rai Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.60
Ribosomal defects and craniofacial deformities: A systematic genetic analysis of Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS) and TCS-like cases in India-Genotyping of patients. Dr. Anirban Chakraborty Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.80
Development of a sustainable in vitro system using cell lines of curculigoorchiodes for enhanced production of natural anticancer copounds related to Curculigocide Dr. Smitha Hegde Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.80
ffect of carbohydrate on quorum sensing mediated pathogenicity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Dr. Ramya Harsha Nitte DU 2018-2020 1.70
Genetic testing of non-small cell lung cancers: development of AS-LAMP assays for detection of EGFR and KRAS Mutations Dr. Anirban Chakraborty Nitte DU 2016-2019 2.0
Development of rapid point of care assay for the sensitive detection of Vibrio vulnificus Dr. Krishna Kumar B Nitte DU 2016-2018 2.5
Microorganisms as anticancer agents: Determination of antitumor activity of non- typhoidal Salmonella serovars Dr. Deekshit Nitte DU 2016-2018 2.5
Development of rapid and sensitive assays for detection of Listeria Spp. from food products Mrs. Rajeshwari Vittal Nitte DU 2016-2018 0.6
Isolation and molecular characterization of bacteriophage against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Dr. Praveen Rai Nitte DU 2016-2017 1.15
Biofilm formation and virulence gene expression in environmental and clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Dr. Ramya Harsha Nitte DU 2016-2017 1.2
Prevalence of Legionella pneumophila and related species in Mangaluru, India Mrs. Juliet Mohan Raj Nitte DU 2015-2017 0.9
Effect of diethylcarbamazine treatment on plasma uric acid levels in lymphatic filariasis in India Dr. Rama Adiga Nitte DU 2013-2015 0.75
Bioinformatics based analysis of cancer microarray data Dr. Rama Adiga Nitte DU 2013-2015 0.5
Detection of clinically relevant genetic variants in a patient with rare atherosclerosis symptoms using whole-genome sequencing, and whole-genome expression to perform personalized medication and to design suitable effective treatment. Dr. Dinesh SM Nitte DU 2013-2015 2.5
Development of monoclonal antibody against NS1 and E proteins of dengue virus Dr. Praveen Rai Nitte DU 2019-2021 1.90
Screening of gene mutations that interferes with response to CCRT in esophageal cancer patients: AS-LAMP assays using cell free DNA Dr. Gunimala Chakraborty Nitte DU 2019-2021 1.90
Tracing the molecular epidemiology of Leptospirosis and assessing its zoonotic transmission potential in Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka Dr. Krishna Kumar B Nitte DU 2019-2021 1.90
Development of a cancer model in three dimensional scaffolds for biomedical applications Dr. Sudarshan Kini Nitte DU 2019-2021 1.90
Effect of bile on the invasion and replication of drug-resistant gut pathogens in Caco-2 cell line Dr. Deekshit Nitte DU 2019-2021 1.90

Intramural student research projects - Ongoing

Title of the project Name of the Student Guide
Evaluation of fin regeneration potential of Parkia javanica fruit and bark extracts in zebrafish Ms. Antara Bhuyan Dr. Gunimala Chakraborty
Generation of Ro60 knockout zebrafish mutant using CRISPR cas9 gene editing tool Ms. Akansha Naithani Dr. Anirban Chakraborty
Detection of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance genes in gut pathogens Mr. Yajnesh Rai K Dr. Deekshit
Cloning and sequencing of outer membrane protein encoding gene of Edwardsiella Ms. Deepika K Dr. Biswajit Maiti
Expression analysis of muscle progenitor in zebrafish bystin mutant Ms. Duwan Phawa Dr. Anirban Chakraborty
Effect of in-vitro gut conditions on antibiotic resistance pattern in gut pathogens Ms. Varshini V Bangera Dr. Deekshit
A retrospective study on the epidemiology of pneumonia in hospitalized patients Mr. Stephin Tomy Dr.Praveen Rai
A retrospective hospital based study to understand the epidemiology of neonatal sepsis Mr. Shan Shaji Dr.Praveen Rai
Isolation and characterization of biomimetic nanoparticles Ms. Aparna B Dr. Akshath U S
Effects of phthalates in reproductive health of Zebrafish Ms. Vasila Jahan K P Dr. Gunimala Chakraborty
Biosurfactant production using microbial sources Mr. Gireesh K Dr. Smitha Hegde
Evaluation of biofilm formation of fish pathogen for oral vaccination of fish Ms. Rakshitha B T Dr. Biswajit Maiti
Production of a chitinase based insecticide from pteridophytes Mr. Abhirama N Dr. Smitha Hegde
Screening antimicrobial and cosmetic properties of plant extracts to develop an herbal product Mr. Sujit Pai Dr. Smitha Hegde