Division of Food Safety and Nutrition

Microbial contamination of food can result in major illnesses and in some occasions even deaths. Thus, knowledge about foodborne pathogens is extremely important for creating awareness among the public regarding the potential health hazards associated with food borne pathogens. The Division of Food Safety and Nutrition focuses on research related to fundamental and applied aspects of pathogen biology, understanding their mode of action, the molecular mechanisms involved and developing rapid and sensitive molecular detection techniques for major foodborne infectious agents. The division encourages the concept of transfer of technology, enabling the scientists to develop techniques and tools with potential commercial applications. The division is also involved in educating and training of undergraduate and graduate students in various molecular, immunologic, epidemiologic, and biologic aspects of foodborne microbial pathogenesis, as well as monitoring, control and prevention of such diseases. The division is also committed to training health professionals through the various outreach program