M.Sc. Food Safety & Biotechnology

M.Sc. (Food Safety & Biotechnology)

M.Sc. (Food Safety & Biotechnology)

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In the M.Sc. programme the focus is on gaining advanced knowledge in the field of food safety. The course curriculum is designed to introduce the students to more complex mechanisms related to food safety and public health in order to train them for a career in advanced research in health science. In CBCS, the major change is a shift from the traditional marking system to a grading system. It provides an opportunity for the students to choose from the prescribed courses comprising core, elective (generic and discipline specific) or skill based courses according to their learning needs, interests, and aptitude.

In the first year, the curriculum comprises of fundamental subjects, which includes food chemistry, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology and specialized subjects like food microbiology, bioinformatics and computational biology, research methodology & biostatistics and research ethics and IPR. In addition, the students will get hands-on training on the tools used in techniques in food science under the skill enhancement course. The second year will have subjects that are highly specialized including courses like food standards, certifications and quality control, food additives and adulterants, food packaging and storage and nanobiotechnology, food toxicology, bioprocessing and fermentation technology as part of the discipline specific electives. The most unique feature in M.Sc. Food Safety & Biotechnology is the provision for a full-time research project in the second year.


Course Type Course
C1 Food Chemistry
C2 Cell and Molecular Biology
C3 Biochemistry
C4 Plant and Animal Food Technology
GE Generic Elective
NC1 GLP and Biosafety


Course Type Course
C5 Food Microbiology
C6 Food Safety and Quality Management
C7 Research Methodology and Biostatistics
SEE Skill Enhancement Elective
GE Generic Elective
NC2 Research Ethics and IPR


Course Type Course
DSC1 Food Standards, Laws, and Regulations
DSC2 Food Additives and Adulterants
DSC3 Food Packaging and Storage
DSE Discipline Specific Elective
P1 Project Work-I
S1 Seminar-I


Course Type Course
P2 Project Work-II
S2 Seminar-II
CC Co-curricular/Extra curricular activities

Generic Electives

Course Type Course
GE1 Toxicology
GE2 Food Processing and Preservation
GE3 Medical Biotechnology
GE4 Application of Biotechnology in Food Science

Discipline Specific Electives

Course Type Course
DSE1 Nano-Biotechnology
DSE2 Food Toxicology
DSE3 Bioprocessing and Fermentation Technology

Skill Enhancement Elective

Course Type Course
SEC1 Techniques in Biomedical Science
SEC2 Techniques in Food Science

C: Core course
GE: Generic Elective
DSC: Discipline Specific Elective
SEE: Skill Enhancement Elective
DSE: Discipline Specific Elective
P: Project
S: Seminar
CC: Co-curricular/ Extra curricular


Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science/Applied Biological Sciences/Biotechnology/Biochemistry/Microbiology/Agricultural Sciences/Food & Nutrition/Environmental Science/Veterinary Science/Fisheries Science/Medical Imaging Technology/Operation Theatre Technology/Medical Lab Technology/BE or BTech in Biotechnology/Graduates in Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy/Nursing and any other equivalent life science degree, with minimum of 50% marks. The candidate should have completed 20 years of age as on 31st December of the year of admission.

Admission Procedure

Students seeking admission to MSc programs are required to submit the Admission Query form available on the homepage of

On receipt of the same, the Admission Section will guide the students with the process of registration and admission.

Admission to MSc program is based on merit in the qualifying examination.

Documents required for admission

  • 10th standard pass certificate for proof of date of birth (Original + 3 copies)
  • Degree marks cards (Original + 3 copies)
  • Degree certificate issued by a recognized University (Original + 3 copies)
  • Transfer certificate from the institution last attended (Original + 3 copies)
  • Conduct certificate from the institution last attended
  • Migration certificate from the board of the institution last studied
  • Physical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner
  • Blood group certificate
  • Photographs: Recent colour photo with white background, of resolution 300-600 dpi & size 35 mm x 45 mm (P.P size 5 Nos.) & size 20 mm x 25 mm (Stamp size 5 Nos.)
  • Aadhaar card copy of the student

Commencement of course

The BSc/MSc courses commence on the date prescribed by the University, generally in August

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