B.Sc. (Honours) Biomedical Science






    4 Years

B.Sc Nursing College in Mangalore


NUCSER, Nitte (DU) has been offering BSc Biomedical Science program since 2013. The choice-based credit system was adopted and implemented for this program from 2017. However, with the recent approval of the National Education Policy 2020, that provides a comprehensive framework for undergraduate programs offered in the country, the existing three-year program will be replaced by a four-year program with provisions for multiple entry and exit options. The salient features of the program are as follows:

  1. Four years BSc Honors program in line with international trends
    a. Future-proof – compliant with National Education Policy 2020 framework
    b. Time and credit for more holistic, multidisciplinary learning experiences
    c. Greater recognition in international universities

  2. Multiple entry and exit options.
    a. Provides for mobility of students between institutions and programs.
    b. Option for students to earn appropriate credit and certifications at interim levels which can be used at later stages.
    c. Option for exiting with a BSc degree in three years

  3. Choice-based credit system with academic flexibility translates to greater choice for students in areas of study.
  4. Additional year provides for employability-oriented training with opportunities for industry / research internships at premiere organisations.
  5. Industry relevant curriculum with focus on hands-on training in contemporary laboratory technologies.
  6. Emphasis on developing research aptitude with research project in the final year
  7. An inclusive program that aims at development of intellectual, aesthetic, social, moral and emotional capabilities.

Biomedical Science is an interdisciplinary course that involves the study of human health and disease. In the first year, the core courses enable the students to have a glimpse on the introductory subjects such as chemistry relevant to biology, cell biology, basic building units of an organism, and coordinated functioning of the organ systems. In the second year, the students would build on what they have learnt in the first year and the subjects are more advanced and relevant to the field of biomedicine such as clinical biochemistry, medical microbiology, fundamentals of immunology, molecular biology, and biotechnology. In addition, the students will get hands-on training on the tools used in medical lab techniques, epidemiology, forensic science, and modern biology under the skill enhancement courses. The third year will have subjects that are highly specialized including courses like pharmacology, toxicology, cancer biology, human genetics, biophysics, as part of the discipline specific electives. The fourth year will be dedicated towards internship in the industry and in the academia and a dedicated semester on research projects.

For any information regarding the admissions,mail us at: info@nitte.edu.in

Program Structure


Course Type Course
C1 Human Anatomy
C2 Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
C3 Cell Biology
C4 Basic Microbiology
AEC 1 Communicative English
NC1 Good Laboratory Practices


Course Type Course
C5 Human Physiology
C6 General Biochemistry
C7 Developmental Biology
C8 Fundamental Genetics
AEC 2 Environmental Studies
NC2 Biosafety and Bioethics


Course Type Course
C9 Fundamentals of Immunology
C10 Radiation Biology
C11 Clinical Biochemistry
GE Generic Elective
DSE Discipline Specific Elective
SEE Skill Enhancement Elective
NC3 Personality Development & Soft skills


Course Type Course
C12 Basics of Molecular Biology
C13 Medical Microbiology
C14 Clinical Genetics
GE Generic Elective
DSE Discipline Specific Elective
SEE Skill Enhancement Elective
NC 4 Basic life support and First aid


Course Type Course
C15 Genetic Engineering
C16 Human Pathology
C17 Basic Research Methods and Biostatistics
GE Generic Elective
DSE Discipline Specific Elective
NC5 Intellectual Property Rights and Patents


Course Type Course
C18 Biophysics and Instrumentation
C19 Cancer Biology
C20 Bioinformatics
GE Generic Elective
DSE Discipline Specific Elective
NC6 Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Course Type Course
II Industry Internship
RI Academia exposure


Course Type Course
S Seminar/Journal Club
P Projects
CC Co-curricular/Extracurricular activities

Generic Electives

Course Type Course
GE1 Bioprocess Technology
GE2 Food Spoilage and Preservation
GE3 Principles of Pharmacology
GE4 Nutrition and Dietetics
GE5 Herbal medicines-Principles and processes
GE6 Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering
GE7 Plant Biotechnology
GE8 Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Discipline Specific Electives

Course Type Course
DSE1 Antimicrobial Agents
DSE2 Epidemiology and surveillance
DSE3 Toxicology
DSE4 Nano-biotechnology
DSE5 Medical Virology
DSE6 Model Systems in Biomedical Research
DSE7 Medical Biotechnology
DSE8 Systems Genetics

Skill Enhancement Elective

Course Type Course
SEC1 Cell Based Assays in Biomedical Research
SEC2 Techniques In Forensic Science
SEC3 Diagnostic Lab Techniques
SEC4 Methods in Ecotoxicology
DSE5 Medical Virology
DSE6 Model Systems in Biomedical Research
DSE7 Medical Biotechnology

C : Core Course
AEC : Ability Enhancement Course
SEE : Skill Enhancement Elective
DSE : Discipline Specific Course
GE : Generic Elective
NC : Non Credit course
II: Industry Internship
RI: Research Internship
S: Seminar
P: Projects
CC: Co-curricular/Extracurricular

Admission Procedure

Pass in 10+2 examination, with not less than 50% marks in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Biology / Biotechnology with English as one of the languages of study. The candidate should have completed 17 years of age as on 31st December of the year of admission.

Candidates who are Indian nationals and have studied Class 12 in India, fall under General category. Admission to BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science program under General Category is based on merit in the All India Entrance Test - NUCAT (Nitte University Common Admission Test). Aspirants for NUCAT will have to complete and submit the Online NUCAT registration form available at apply.nitte.edu.in

Scholarships in NUCAT
Two candidates topping in NUCAT will be granted a scholarship amounting to 40% of the tuition fee.

Candidates mentioned below are eligible for direct admission based on inter-se merit taking into consideration the aggregate marks secured in the optional subjects of Physics, Chemistry & Biology in Class 12.
  • Foreign Nationals / PIOs / Overseas Citizens of India.
  • Candidates who have passed Class 12 outside India.
  • Candidates who have passed Class 12 in India, but sponsored by parents / blood relatives having NRI status.
Candidates seeking admission under NRI category are required to submit the Admission Enquiry form available on apply.nitte.edu.in
On receipt of the same, the Admission Section will guide the students with the process of registration and admission.

  • Class 10 Marks Card (Original + 3 attested copies)
  • Class 12 Marks Card (Original + 3 attested copies)
  • Transfer Certificate from the institution last attended (Original + 3 attested copies)
  • Conduct Certificate from the institution last attended (Original)
  • Migration Certificate from the Board of the institution last studied (Original)
  • Eligibility Certificate issued by Nitte University (This will be handled by Nitte)
  • Physical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner (Original)
  • Blood group certificate (Original)
  • Aadhaar card copy of the student
  • Recent color photographs with white background - 5 PP size & 5 Stamp size
  • Valid Passport & Visa of sponsor
  • Residence Proof of sponsor
  • Employment Certificate of sponsor
  • Relationship Certificate of sponsor
  • Sponsorship Certificate of sponsor
  • Fee payment shall be in foreign currency / INR from NRE account of sponsor

Commencement of course

The BSc course commences on the date prescribed by the University, generally in August.

For any information regarding the admissions, mail us at: info@nitte.edu.in