NUCSER celebrates "Aikya"

Nov 30, 2019

A first of its kind event in the University, NUCSER conducted "Aikya"- a unique program that combined the celebration of various regional and religious festivals such as Deepavali, Karnataka Rajyotsava and Christmas on the last day of the current semester, the 30th November 2019, at the University Auditorium, Paneer campus. The theme Aikya, which means unity in Sanskrit, was conceptualized by the students and was aimed at highlighting the concept of "unity among diversity" through cultural performances depicting the importance of each of these festivals. The events consisted of songs and dances performed by the students. On this occasion, prizes for competitions held during Kannada Rajyostava Week were also given to the winners by Prof. Dr. Indrani Karuansagar, Director, NCUSER. She also emphasized on the need for understanding the importance of these celebrations and their relevance in our lives.