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Internal funded Project: Completed

SL no. Title of the project Principle investigator Funding agency Duration Budget (INR in lakhs)
1 Bioinformatics based analysis of cancer microarray data Dr. Rama Adiga Nitte DU 2013-2015 0.50
2 Effect of diethylcarbamazine treatment on plasma uric acid levels in lymphatic filariasis in India Dr. Rama Adiga Nitte DU 2013-2015 0.75
3 Detection of clinically relevant genetic variants in a patient with rare atherosclerosis symptoms using whole-genome sequencing, and whole-genome expression to perform personalized medication and to design suitable effective treatment. Dr. Dinesh SM Nitte DU 2013-2015 2.5
4 Prevalence of Legionella pneumophila and related species in Mangaluru, India. Mrs. Juliet MohanRaj Nitte DU 2015-2017 0.9
5 Biofilm formation and virulence gene expression in environmental and clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Dr. Ramya Harsha Nitte DU 2016-2017 1.2
6 Isolation and molecular characterization of bacteriophage against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Dr. Praveen Rai Nitte DU 2016-2017 1.15
7 Development of rapid and sensitive assays for detection of Listeria Spp. from food products Mrs. Rajeshwari Vittal B Nitte DU 2016-2018 0.6
8 Microorganisms as anticancer agents: Determination of antitumor activity of non- typhoidal Salmonella serovars Dr. Deekshit Nitte DU 2016-2018 2.5
9 Development of rapid point of care assay for the sensitive detection of Vibrio vulnificus Dr. Krishna Kumar B. Nitte DU 2016-2018 2.5